RECENS is for the integrity of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and condemns political interventions

RECENS is a research group that operates solely on funding that is acquired in highly competitive calls. Our funding has been awarded based on quality and innovativeness of the proposals and scientific excellence of the researchers involved. Scientific excellence of our researchers has been judged by our previous research output, mainly by our international scientific publications. We do not receive any part of the head quota that is distributed to the host Research Institute. As such, we are an independent research unit that pursues fundamental research. We carry out our work without any political aim, not driven by any political interest. In this position, we can clearly express that we do not tolerate and we condemn any political attempt that tries to intervene in research activities or tries to determine research directions and results.

We are independent in our activities, but we belong to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that has been established from private donations of István Széchenyi in 1825. Following his dreams, this institution has existed continuously ever since, providing not just a meeting place for academicians, but more substantively, a home to scientific research conducted in the consolidated network of research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We are proud of being part of this prestigious network. We accept the control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences over our work, and not the control of anybody else, because this is the only way how the scientific quality of our work can be guaranteed.

Furthermore, in our fortunate position we stand for the integrity of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, for academic freedom, and for colleagues, who are in a less fortunate position and are more vulnerable to political intimidations and to unpredictable ideas of our government and the Minister of Innovation and Technology. We esteem the work of our colleagues on fundamental problems and realize how they contribute to the acquisition of new knowledge, technological innovation, the wealth of the Hungarian nation, and the welfare of Hungarian people.

We protest against the radical plans that would completely reorganize the otherwise balanced structure of academic research institutes based on the preference of a single decision maker. Our political leaders have now received a serious warning from the large majority of the European Parliament representing people in Europe. They do wrong by insulting academic freedom and scientific activities. They will do well for Hungary if they provide the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with its independence in scientific work and respect academic freedom.