Kitti Mezei

Kitti Mezei
Download CV Research Fellow (MTA TK JTI)
Research Interests
  • Criminal law and disruptive technologies, cybercrime and economic criminal law
Selected Publications
  • The criminal sciences and IT (editor). PTE ÁJK-MTA TK JTI, 2019. p. 200.
  • The current questions of the regulation of cybercrime in Hungary. Magyar Jog 2019/5. pp. 305-314.
  • The challenges of cryptocurrencies in substantive criminal law and procedure. Pro Futuro 2019/1. pp. 79-98.
  • The challenges and legislative novelties related to electonic evidence. Belügyi Szemle 2019/10. pp. 25-41.
  • The Curia’s decree in regard to misappropriation and money laundering. Jogesetek Magyarázata 2018/3-4.
  • The crimes in regard to cash-substitute payment instruments. In: Hollán Miklós, Barabás A. Tünde (szerk.) A negyedik magyar büntetőkódex: régi és újabb vitakérdések. 384 p. Budapest: MTA Társadalomtudományi Kutatóközpont, 2017. pp. 297-308.
Research Projects
  • 2020 – Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory, „The legal challenges of artificial intelligence”
  • September 2019 – August 2021
    Incubator programme
    „Making Markets, Translating Markets: Market Surveillance and Financial Regulation”
  • September 2018 – August 2021
    NKFIH project
    „How does the law adapt, resist and learn? The responsiveness of the Hungarian legal system 2010-2018”

  • September 2018 – June 2019
    New National Excellence Program – Doctoral Research Scholarship
    „The modern technologies and the criminal justice in regard to cyberattacks”

  • September 2017 – June 2018
    New National Excellence Program - Doctoral Student Scholarship
    „The criminal law and informatics” interdisciplinary research project

  • May 2016 – June 2017
    Research project supported by the Ministry of Justice
    „Cybercrime” seminar curriculum